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Waukesha Tattoo Company has invested in the Astanza Trinity laser to perform all tattoo removal procedures. We pride ourselves in delivering the absolute best results throughout Waukesha, and our advanced technology is how we obtain those results.

Our Trinity laser is supported by Astanza, the leading manufacturer in laser tattoo removal technology. Not only is Trinity trusted by top laser tattoo removal providers worldwide, we are the only tattoo removal service in Waukesha exclusively using this cutting-edge system!

The Astanza Trinity is a combination Q-switched Nd:YAG and ruby laser system. It uses high peak power and ultra-quick pulse durations to create high pulse energies for better ink shattering and faster ink fading. Furthermore, it features two homogenized spot beams in the shape of an oval and a square for precise targeting and minimized treatment overlap. This design encourages safer treatment application and reduced side effects like hypopigmentation, especially for darker skin types.

Unlike other systems, the Trinity supports three wavelengths, 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm for full-spectrum removal on the widest range of ink colors. Our Trinity's ruby wavelength targets resistant ink colors like bright blue and vibrant green that are considered untreatable by other laser clinics.

Our investment in Astanza Trinity is proof of our dedication to great results. Our technology paired with the knowledge and expertise of our laser technicians is sure to give you a solution to your tattoo regret.

***For your comfort, we also have Cryo 6 chiller to numb the treatment area! There are other pain reducing options offered, please discuss it with your laser tattoo removal professional.

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